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About My Practice

About My Practice: Services

I work with children, parents and adults in partnership to help them achieve changes they desire.  The highlights of my practice include:

I typically take a cognitive-behavioral approach (which in English means helping people change the way they think and do), because the scientific evidence typically shows it to be effective

I also incorporate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which uses metaphors, stories and exercises to help people mindfully identify what's important to them and take committed actions to live the life they want to live.  ACT also helps people accept that life is full of imperfections, which can be a transformative change for many of us.

I try to help parents' and children's abilities and strengths come to the forefront, as they often play strong roles in diminishing problems and enhancing wellbeing.  (Additionally, just focusing on problems and weaknesses can be demoralizing!)

I also strive to make changes in children’s personal environments to create lasting change.  For example, I typically involve parents in collaborating about how their own changes can help their children move past problems and flourish.

Finally, I recognize that problems are serious and distressing, but I also try to make the process of change enriching and fun. Humor is a great antidote for difficulties.

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